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Night Club

At XTC Atlanta we enjoy your company from dusk till dawn! If you are looking for a fun night out with your friends, we welcome you to our night club that will provide you with all the drinks and entertainment to make your night a memorable one.

The nightlife environment here at XTC Atlanta never fails to entertain. From a wide selection of beers and cocktails you can find your favorite beverage while you enjoy the live dancing of the night.

Night Club

We aim to give our guests the best dining and nightlife experience all in one! Our friendly staff gladly provides you with any food or drink service that you are craving, and if it is your first time visiting us, we will gladly welcome you with suggested menu specialties and drink favorites.

Our gentleman’s club strives to become Atlanta’s go-to place for adult entertainment! Whether it is for nightlife entertainment or a delicious drink special, we want to ensure that our guests are treated with the best service we provide.

Serving our neighbors in Atlanta, GA come visit us today!